From Idea to Innovation - Products as a Service

You may be well aware of this phenomenon: A consultant can identify the products you need to develop, but cannot help you with their implementation.

A software developer may implement your requirements; however, he requires detailed specifications on how to do it. No matter what developments the consultant recommends, more than 50% of them end up impossible, unfeasible, or very expensive.

Therefore, we use our unique well-proven agile product development process, to combine all aspects of software and product development. We call this "Products as a Service".

Regardless if you only need support to get started with your definition, or if we can support you throughout the entire product lifecycle: We will make sure that you get exactly what you need without compromise.


Whether it is requirement analysis, compliance with applicable regulations, feasibility studies or an analysis how transform a process to the online world - we work with you to devise and implement practical solutions.


We develop customized web-based or device-based software solutions that meet your industry-specific requirements perfectly and is built secure-and-compliant-by-design. Take advantage of our unique agile development process, which helps you to reduce the time to market and increase your quality.


We offer modern smartphone and tablet apps, native or cross-platform, for all operating systems, including Android, iOS, etc. Based on our externally audited, modular architecture, they include a strong security infrastructure and set of useful app management functionalities. If required we can also distribute and manage your apps in the respective app stores.


If you do not want to operate the software on your own servers, you can take advantage of our professional hosting services.

We provide dedicated hardware, in modern and secure data centers around the globe. Our entire infrastructure is professionally managed, regularly audited by external security specialists, available 24/7, with an individual and dedicated customer support team to answer your questions.