About us

Your partner in digital transformation.

about us
about us

We support companies in the development of new innovative products, services, and software.

Our specialties are in migrating existing processes into a digital environment, integrating and upgrading your legacy systems. We also specialize in adapting and streamlining processes and software to comply with the latest rules and regulations while increasing and maintaining efficiency.

Our hosting and operations have been designed to meet the special requirements from banks, financial institutions as well as companies with high security and quality requirements.


We believe that customer success is our main purpose and that our interactions should not only be groundbreaking and of value to our clients but to their clients as well.

To achieve this, we come to customers with ideas and concepts pre-considered rather than wait for customers to provide us with requests and definitions. In addition, we support the customer in any way that they see is needed from the start of the project till the end in order to ensure their success.

We stand for

Individual solutions

No organization is the same and it is exactly because of this we recognize the need for individual solutions.

Secure operations

Confidentiality and security with your data and your customer’s data is our top priority. This is why we have regular external audits for all systems and processes.

Creative ideas

Our creative ideas not only help you solve the issues of today but those of the future as well.

Rapid project implementation

We work with our customers and set project milestones using their timeline and not ours.

Competent consulting

Every consulting assignment is tailored around your needs providing you with the expertise, knowledge, and support required.

High quality

We believe that the quality of our work is only achieved through customer satisfaction.

How it all began


Completed external audit concerning sustainability Centralized both offices to one office in Karben


Awarded once again as one of Germany’s top 100 most innovating SME companies

Awarded the Innovative through Research award


Winner of the AirPlus innovation challenge


Opened a new data center in Berlin


Awarded as one of Germany’s top 100 most innovative SME companies

Opened a development center in Karben


Extended office space in Nidderau

Opened a new data center in Frankfurt


Moved into new premises in the industrial area of Nidderau.

Participation of get it live GmbH in Microsoft BizSpark


get it live GmbH was established as an independent company

Acquired project support from the EU Innovation Fund to promote successful product innovation for SME’s


get it live became its own independent business and with its own leadership with the collaboration of software and technology experts


modulan systems GmbH was established in response to the growing demand for individual software and technology solutions


modulan GmbH was established as a supplier of 19'' cabinets, data center equipment and containments

A message from our CEO

Jan Husseini

During my professional career in various IT and product management roles, I have seen so many projects, that have not been started and business opportunities that have not been taken.

The reasons for that were always similar: resource constraints, lack of expertise, or lack of ownership and commitment.

Also, I dealt with various external suppliers and consultants to cope with daily business. I know so many situations, in which I felt as if I would be working for them, instead of them trying to help me.

I founded get it live out of the passion to establish a company that will help to resolve resource constraints, take ownership, and commit to a customer’s success, while always maintaining unprecedented proactivity.

It is an honor for me to see the entire team behind get it live strive to fulfill this vision:

From our customer service and operations team, who answer every support request individually without using templates or text blocks and always put the customer first in every case they deal with, to our developers, who anxiously try to understand the requirements and build a scalable and future proof solution, to our quality engineers, who eagerly test and document every line of code and functionality we produce before we give it out to our customers.

I am so grateful that I can see such an international team working together and constantly pushing to get the projects completed to our customer’s satisfaction.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank everybody from the get it live team for their tireless efforts and personal contributions.

This also gives me the confidence to give every customer and prospect the following promise:

We will impress you with our proactivity, expertise, and commitment to your success.

You have my word on it: We will get it live.